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This is a recipe from a good friend. It was actually for satay chicken, hence the chicken stock. Of course we use beef, and it’s delicious. We won’t hold it against you if you decide to try it with chicken one day.


Gifted to us from a wonderful friend.



1kg diced beef
2 onions, diced
1 tbsp butter
1 ¾ cups chicken stock
1 cup crunchy peanut butter
¼ cup honey
8 tsp wholegrain mustard
3 tsp curry powder
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Brown the diced beef over high heat, in batches if needed. Pop in the slow cooker.
2. Melt butter, add onion and garlic to the same pan.
3. Add chicken stock, peanut butter honey, mustard and curry.
4. Stir until sauce is consistent, then add it to the slow cooker.
5. Add a bit of water if it’s too thick.
6. Slow cook for a few hours. (We’re not exactly sure how long for. We cook it for as long as we reckon)
7. Eat it.

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