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How it began

We are about to begin building the Dalrose Retreat, and soon we hope we can welcome you all when you come to visit. Before I start to document the build process I wanted to give you some insight into how we got here ...

Our daughters Lola, Jesse and Sadie in front of the original homestead (2020)

We bought our small piece of ‘Inverbroom’ in 2020, thanks to living in a small town and a chance chat between Mick and one of his previous work colleagues at the local supermarket.

Mick loved the river flat soil, irrigated pastures and potential to grow the best beef.

I was immediately captured by the old homestead, the historic brick chimneys and the redgum timber frame exposed from years of neglect. Mick saw my eyes light up when I saw the home ‘Don’t even think about it Loz – the owners are taking the bricks and it will be gone before we take it over’. I was shattered.

Luckily, that was not the end of the story. It’s actually the beginning.

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